The Wooden Parliament by Finsa

​​Created exclusively for the London Festival of Architecture held in June, 2019, the Wooden Parliament was a temporary wooden pavilion designed by Spanish architects Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Ga Grinda of the Madrid-based practice AMID.cero9. Supported by the Spanish timber company Finsaand Coal Drops Yard and organised by the Museum of Architecture.

Wooden Parliament Pavilion by Finsa, London Festival of Architecture, Granary Square King’s Cross

The Wooden Parliament is an immersive crater, an interiorised space open to the sky, where people can enter to eat, talk, read or just get lost for a while. The seats are arranged in horizontal surfaces, forming inclined stands, facing each other in close proximity, facilitating conversations.

Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Ga Grinda
Directors, amid.cero9

The Wooden Parliament was an open air pavilion 7m in height made of supporting wooden structures with internal seats arranged horizontally forming inclined stands facing each other. A series of blown up wooden knots cover the pavilion following the precise geometry of the wooden structure.It was conceived as a displacement of a private interior in a public space: an immersive room wrapped with an ornamented dress. The pavilion was used as a platform for a series of events organised by MoA throughout the month of June, further encouraging the public’s engagement and participation with architecture. 

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Our Sponsors for The Wooden Parliament by Finsa included


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