Lizzie Hinton

Associate Director
​BPR Architects

I became an architect to influence the shape of our built environment. As a teenager I became aware of the impact that our surroundings have on us and I wanted to contribute to shaping the design of these spaces. Adept at Art and Design Technology, I studied at the University of Sheffield where I developed a passion for public buildings and the collaborative design process. I now support multi-stakeholder organisations in the development of their estates. 

Lizzie’s Interview with Melissa Woolford, Founder and Director of MoA

​Ritterman Building, Middlesex University

Ritterman Building, Middlesex University 2017, BPR Architects

Kenley Aerodrome
Home to the most intact airfield from World War II, Kenley VGS is a new build training centre where young people can learn to fly.

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