nim and tim

Directors and Founders
nimtim architects

We started nimtim architects following nim’s cancer diagnosis (and recovery). We wanted to create a practice that was relatable, approachable and supportive. We are honest about who we are and celebrate the input of our staff and collaborators. This spirit is reflected in the work we produce.

When we started nimtim 6 years ago, we didn’t really have many projects and we didn’t have a manifesto. We were just hopeful we could make a living creating some thoughtful spaces that made the lives of the people who would use them a little better.

The practice began with the most modest scale of projects and we learnt the power of the smallest interventions to radically change the nature and perception of the things around them. Use of bold colour, introduction of unexpected materials, small spatial tweaks that help unlock the spaces around them or create new connections between inside and outside. We never see the scale or budget of a project as limiting its conceptual potential and bring the same approach to the scale of a piece of furniture or the scale of the city.

Our approach to making architecture emerged intuitively through delivering real projects and buildings. When there was enough to look back upon and try to understand a narrative/ common thread – what was it? Our projects all ‘looked’ different – there were themes running though – expression of structure, use of colour to define key moments, a sense of playfulness – but otherwise each felt unique.

The only thing we agreed we could clearly see was the personalities and values of the people we were designing for reflecting back at us. That the design didn’t belong to nimtim but to everyone who was involved in the project – not just the clients but everyone who contributed – builders, sub-contractors, consultants. Clients said the same thing – that they didn’t feel like they had procured a nimtim design but that they had co-created something together with us.

We realised that we had instinctively invited our clients, builders, stake-holders into the design process. That their ideas and thoughts had enriched the projects – made them more playful, more relevant and ultimately better.

A House and a Garden – photo © Megan Taylor
Block House – photo © French & Tye
Hive House – photo © Megan Taylor
Cloister Corner –  photo © Megan Taylor
Hutch House – photo © Megan Taylor
Cork House – photo © Megan Taylor

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