Simon Baker

Director, Nash Baker Architects

I was the kid who always took apart his toys to understand how they worked. So, architecture appealed to me from a young age because it looked like a career which offered ‘grownups’ the opportunity to keep playing with big, complex and creative problems. 

I am also dyslexic (as are a lot of architects) and I hoped architecture would complement my strengths in science, art and problem solving and wouldn’t penalise me for my poor spelling and slow reading. It hasn’t always worked out as I envisage as a young boy, but I’ve got no regrets and most days I feel it’s a privilege to be an architect.

SUFFOLK BRICK HOUSE  Nash Baker Architects. Photo ©Nick Guttridge
BEDFORD GARDENS  Nash Baker Architects.  Photo – ©Will Layzell Photography
CHISWICK HOUSE, Nash Baker Architects.   
Photo – ©Penny Wincer