Rodrigo Domingos

Part 1 Architecture Graduate

While studying an Art Foundation at UAL Camberwell and trying out many different design practices, I majored in 3D Spatial Design. Following this I decided to study Architecture at Newcastle University. 

Coming in with a history in Art & Design, I focused on architectural design through drawing and physical model-making at University, honing in on my physical craft and learning from Architects such as Le Corbusier and Ryder & Yates who had an artistic and philosophical approach to their Modernist designs. My graduate project was an Arts Community Centre in the town of Killingworth, inspired by Modernist/Bauhaus philosophies and forms, and heavily represented through physical models and stylised hand-drawn renders.

​For me, architecture was a great introduction into the design sector and has opened my eyes to many different industries. I had always been interested in how architecture can inform other practices of design which led me to research and write a dissertation about the relationship between fashion designers and architects. It made me realise that designers can have multidisciplinary practices, and as Virgil Abloh, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Menswear said – “if you could build the tallest building, you could design a spoon, you know?” 

Since graduating, I have worked closely with the Museum of Architecture on the Gingerbread City project, held Saturday workshops and a half term camp introducing architecture to young children. I am also working on an on-going project with artist Verity-Jane Keefe about the community and architecture of the Becontree Estate in East London – organising an exhibition and events to celebrate its centennial in 2021. Personally, I have also returned to my artistic roots and I am in the process of designing a group show with my friends – using my architectural skills to curate an exhibition spatially and visually. 

Graduate Project 1 – Axonometric drawing of Rodrigo’s graduate project, an Arts Community Centre in Killingworth. Image © Rodrigo Domingos
Graduate Project 2 – Process model demonstrating an early iteration of his graduate project, featuring temporary inflatable exhibition spaces. Image © Rodrigo Domingos
Graduate Project 3 – Early process model exploring tensions between volumetric and gridded space. Image ©Rodrigo Domingos
Selfportraitception (2020) 90x70cm, Oil on canvas. © Rodrigo Domingos
Black Lives Matter Print sold to fundraise for charity. © Rodrigo Domingos
Chiphelia (2020). Submission for Tate Collective Open Call Collection, based on the painting “Ophelia”. 90x80cm, Oil and paint markers on canvas. ©Rodrigo Domingos