Lucy Eccles

Project Manager, MATT+FIONA

I’m always slightly ashamed to say that both my parents were architects, although neither of them lasted long within the profession. I grew up in two houses which they self-built, so architecture and building were always a part of my life and something I have always been drawn towards. I applied to study both sculpture and architecture at Glasgow School of Art but decided to go with architecture in the end. It has taken me a long time to realise this was the right decision after all.

On a site visit with my mum, age 3

Reality differed to my preconceived ideas. I quickly realised I had only scratched the surface in my journey to becoming an architect, and that actually there is so much more to learn from working in practice that can only be gained through direct experience and exposure. Also that buildings are incredibly complex, even small ones, and require a huge range of different people and professions to make them happen.

[I would continue to do what I do] because there are no dead ends. There are many different routes available within the realms of architecture if conventional practice is not the right fit. For me the magic of architecture is being able to adapt your environment through direct means and I’m enjoying a role that enables young people to do just this.

I would like to spend less time in front of a computer. I believe there is something important in embodied knowledge gained through collaborative making and this is something I would like to explore more through physical construction. 


The renowned South London theatre, Ovalhouse, was moving from Oval to a new space in the heart of Brixton. While Ovalhouse is without a space, they have invited Matt+Fiona to enable 20 ten year olds from local schools in Brixton to design and build their own pop-up outdoor performance space on Somerleyton Road in Brixton, next door to the new building.

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