Shawn Adams

New Architecture Writer 
Co-Founder POoR Collective
​Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Alumni

When I was 5 years old, I already knew that I wanted to become an Architect one day. Growing up I enjoyed building models, stacking objects, and drawing shapes and could often be found rearranging items. Sadly, none of the schools I attended were able to put me in contact with anyone that worked in the profession despite my burning passion for design. The first time I met an architect was when I started my BA Architecture degree at the University of Portsmouth. This is one of the reasons why I am very passionate about going into schools to show young people that it is possible to study architecture and design-related courses.

I recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with a master’s degree in architecture after spending three years working in offices in the UK and Spain. I am currently, a member of the New Architecture Writers and have written about marginalised communities for various magazines such as VICE and have spoken on news platforms which include Sky News and the Guardian. Last year I co-founded POoR Collective, an organisation that focuses on the development of communities through the elevation of young people and have been working towards delivering projects that engage the younger generation.

Watch Shawn’s interview with MoA Founder and Director Melissa Woolford on MoA IGTV Channel Here

Drawing the Edge to the Centre

Photo Credit Thomas Aquilina

An evening of discussion curated by members of BAME design criticism programme, N.A.W. Speakers included Hanif Kara, co-founder and director at the world-leading engineering firm AKTII, Gurmeet Sian, founder of Office Sian, Chrystal Genesis, journalist, curator and host of award-winning independent Stance podcast, Rupesh Varsani, former Development Manager at Almacantar and Siufan Adey, NAW alumni and video production assistant at Dezeen.

Scale Rule Next Generation Design

Photo Credit Erica Choi

Plinths and Tapestry

Photo © Architects’ Journal

Shawn’s final year master’s project featured on the front cover of the AJ’s student special.