Blog Post – Shabnam Noor

Director, Stories by Shabnam Noor Architects Growing up in the Himalayas, the seed for the appreciation of the environment, both natural and man-made, was inevitably planted in my deep conscious. Long before I formalised my interests under the term ‘Architecture’, I had always had an interest in the built environment around me, even in my… Continue reading Blog Post – Shabnam Noor

Henry Abosi

Architect + FounderBeFront Magazine For most of my early childhood I had no awareness of architecture as a formal construct. I was one of six children with academic parents, so at that time my only sense of ‘art’ was a cluster of curvy red blobs adorning the cover of countless books titled – Haemoglobin. However, it was… Continue reading Henry Abosi

Justin Nicholls

PartnerFathom Architects ​I spent most of my childhood trying to find suitable outlets for my geeky tendencies. Growing up, my parents refurbished a series of derelict farm buildings in rural Cornwall using my dad’s carpentry skills and my mum’s eye for interiors. Life on building sites (once an entire year in a caravan) exposed me… Continue reading Justin Nicholls

Mark Slater

Design DirectorWWA I fell into the world of architecture when deciding what to study at University; I knew I really enjoyed design and initially wanted to study Automotive Design, but decided against this course as I didn’t want to go to any of the Universities that offered it. I was then scrolling through the UKAS… Continue reading Mark Slater