Martina Dorothy Hansah

Part I GraduateBA (Hons) Architecture My initial interest in architecture was rooted in my personal aspiration to improve the lives of the less fortunate. In retrospect, this may be considered a youthful assumption of the lives of people inhibited by poverty and my concern with wanting to help. An aspiration I now realise is very complicated… Continue reading Martina Dorothy Hansah

Lizzie Hinton

Associate Director​BPR Architects I became an architect to influence the shape of our built environment. As a teenager I became aware of the impact that our surroundings have on us and I wanted to contribute to shaping the design of these spaces. Adept at Art and Design Technology, I studied at the University of Sheffield… Continue reading Lizzie Hinton

Bureau de Change

Photo by Ben Blossom

Katerina DionysopoulouBilly Mavropoulos Bureau de Change We set up Bureau de Change architects about six years ago and it’s been a very intense journey since. We have completed over 30 projects ranging from furniture and installations to residential and commercial refurbishments, retrofits and new-builds to retail and cultural buildings. Even though all of our projects look… Continue reading Bureau de Change

Emily Lang

AssociateGRID Architects My first experience of an architectural office was breaking the A1 printer at Stephenson Bell’s office in Manchester on my work experience aged 14. (Sorry about that Roger and Jeff!)  However, the two weeks spent in their office was enough to convince me that architecture was the job for me; I wanted the… Continue reading Emily Lang

Harrison Symonds

Architect and Associate​Proctor & Matthews Architects I became an architect because it is so diverse! It’s about being creative, looking at art, history, culture, and place while at the same time being technical; thinking about science, materials, climate and sustainability. It enables you to focus on the tiniest details right through to huge city-wide plans. ​Every… Continue reading Harrison Symonds

Jennifer O’Donnell

Director and Co-FounderO’DonnellBrown I am the director and co-founder of O’DonnellBrown, an emerging architectural studio based in Glasgow’s leafy Pollokshields. With work currently focused between London and Glasgow, we are committed to bringing about positive change in the places we know and love. And it is this commitment, which started to form at an early… Continue reading Jennifer O’Donnell

Abre Etteh

Architect, Artist​Public Practice Associate, Urban Designer at Merton London Borough Council Architecture, as it turns out, is the family profession. My dad, one of my brothers and some of my cousins are all architects. As a child I remember my dad bringing home models of buildings he was working on. I was never allowed to… Continue reading Abre Etteh

James Trevers

Landscape Architect​John McAslan + Partners I became a landscape architect due to the inquisitiveness and kindness of a neighbour. Designing landscapes for contemplation, remembrance or walking and the freedom of public spaces is what drew me to the industry #WhyIWentIntoArchitecture In this interview, James shared the story of his kind neighbour and his decision to… Continue reading James Trevers