Jelena Cousins

​Creative Director, Cousins and Cousins I grew up in Croatia and Italy, a classic architect to-be child, playing with Lego and always making things. My mother was an artist and my father a naval engineer and they both filled my upbringing with culture, art, museums and interesting people. The 9 years that we lived in… Continue reading Jelena Cousins

Chris Hildrey

Director Hildrey StudioFounder ProxyAddress For most people, the decision to study architecture is a leap in the dark. This was certainly the case for me. With no previous teaching on the subject, I didn’t know what to expect from – or have much interest in – architecture at all when I decided to study it. ​Buildings,… Continue reading Chris Hildrey

Naila Yousuf

PartnerWright & Wright Architects From a young age I loved to sketch and paint. My subject choice included odd household objects, landscapes from family holidays, and an assortment of buildings from Nantwich, the town that I grew up in. First referenced in the Domesday Book during the Anglo-Saxon period, Nantwich was also a stopping point… Continue reading Naila Yousuf

Petr Esposito

Founding Director, ThirdWay Architecture My ambition during my youth was to join the Royal Air Force, a space where academia is outperformed by vocational experience, to do, to try, to think and win as teams, to move through long grass with some camouflage paint on, and of course to wear a little beret; amongst all… Continue reading Petr Esposito

Shireen Hamdan

​Senior Partner at Populous I love what I do and I’m hugely motivated in my work by the potential for making a positive impact on people’s lives through infrastructure projects for sport and the performing arts. You need only set foot inside a packed-out stadium or arena and experience the incredible energy of the crowd… Continue reading Shireen Hamdan

Holly Lewis

Co-founding PartnerWe made that The truth is, I went into architecture because at school, I could do maths and liked art. It seemed simple. The interesting question is not why I went into architecture, but why I stay in it… Little did I know that the academic decision of my 17 year old self would… Continue reading Holly Lewis

Shawn Adams

New Architecture Writer Co-Founder POoR Collective​Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Alumni When I was 5 years old, I already knew that I wanted to become an Architect one day. Growing up I enjoyed building models, stacking objects, and drawing shapes and could often be found rearranging items. Sadly, none of the schools I attended were able to… Continue reading Shawn Adams

Lucy Eccles

Project Manager, MATT+FIONA I’m always slightly ashamed to say that both my parents were architects, although neither of them lasted long within the profession. I grew up in two houses which they self-built, so architecture and building were always a part of my life and something I have always been drawn towards. I applied to… Continue reading Lucy Eccles

Alex Peacock

Associate, Tonkin Liu My decision to follow architecture was more a process of slow realisation, rather than great epiphany.  The three hobbies for art, music and photography have remained a constant since childhood; and though not predestined toward architecture , the creative process involved in all three instilled an artistic sensibility and consciousness that would… Continue reading Alex Peacock