Leni Popovici

Founding Director and Partner​​KAP Studios I found my way towards architecture at 18, trying to find a degree that could balance skills in both practical as well as artistic endeavours. At the Architectural Association, surrounded by incredibly capable and passionate peers, it took me a few years to catch up to their seemingly endless enthusiasm… Continue reading Leni Popovici

Rodrigo Domingos

Part 1 Architecture Graduate While studying an Art Foundation at UAL Camberwell and trying out many different design practices, I majored in 3D Spatial Design. Following this I decided to study Architecture at Newcastle University.  Coming in with a history in Art & Design, I focused on architectural design through drawing and physical model-making at… Continue reading Rodrigo Domingos

nim and tim

Directors and Foundersnimtim architects We started nimtim architects following nim’s cancer diagnosis (and recovery). We wanted to create a practice that was relatable, approachable and supportive. We are honest about who we are and celebrate the input of our staff and collaborators. This spirit is reflected in the work we produce. When we started nimtim… Continue reading nim and tim

Simon Baker

Director, Nash Baker Architects I was the kid who always took apart his toys to understand how they worked. So, architecture appealed to me from a young age because it looked like a career which offered ‘grownups’ the opportunity to keep playing with big, complex and creative problems.  I am also dyslexic (as are a… Continue reading Simon Baker

Satwinder Samra

​Architect, Educator, ​Onscreen Designer CBBC, ​Collaborator, ​Trustee S1 Artspace As a child I was fascinated with drawing and making. At nursery I made a building from cereal boxes, my mum was very proud. Even today she recounts this as early evidence of my architectural leaning. Aged 17 I decided to study architecture. I think the… Continue reading Satwinder Samra

Michael Chou

Associate​, Ben Adams Architects Perhaps like all 17 year old A-level students there wasn’t a lightning moment. No sudden appreciation for a Miesian column. Mies Van der Who? For me the real question has been why did I stay in architecture? After all, there are plenty of points for reflection and a change in direction,… Continue reading Michael Chou

Tyen Masten

PHASE3 Architecture I decided to pursue architecture when I was 16. I was encouraged by my art teacher to take his drafting class. He felt I would like it more than art. And I did. It was the combination of imagination and organisation that drew me to it. Click here to watch Tyen’s interview with Melissa… Continue reading Tyen Masten

​Ken Okonkwo

Associate DirectorHaworth Tompkins I am a British-born, second generation Nigerian architect. My mum lived through the Biafran war in 1967 and was the first member of her family to go to university. My dad, the oldest of 10 brothers and sisters, joined the British merchant navy in 1958 when he was 21. Neither parents were… Continue reading ​Ken Okonkwo

Bidisha Sinha

Photo ©Naaro

Senior Associate,Zaha Hadid Architects2005 – current I finished my schooling and first degree in New Delhi before moving to London for my Masters at the Architectural Association. I have had an architectural career of 18 years, with work experience spanning India, UK and Hong Kong. The last 15 years of that have been with Zaha… Continue reading Bidisha Sinha