Co-founder of Part3PlusArchitectural Designer at WATG Growing up in China and being educated in London, my previous practice experience in Beijing, Shanghai and now, London, fascinates me with the diverse culture and building environments surrounding me.  I always feel architecture is such a big world since I started to study. It is so complicated with various… Continue reading LJ Wu

Tamanna Abul

Year 2 Student at Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL MEng Engineering & Architectural Design There is a popular meme circulating among youngsters quoting, “In an Asian family, you can either become a doctor, a lawyer or a failure.’ Yet, when I told my Bengali parents, I wanted to become an architect, I received nothing but pure… Continue reading Tamanna Abul

Matt + Fiona

MoA invited the directors of MATT + FIONA to share their personal journeys into architecture with us. Fiona MacDonaldDirector MATT+FIONA I loved art and drawing as a child. I also enjoyed the challenge of designing and making. I’ve always been curious about people. What makes us tick, the stories we all carry. Architecture seemed to… Continue reading Matt + Fiona

Dav Bansal

PartnerGlenn Howells Architects My parents grew up in Tanzania, East Africa where my grandfather set up his civil engineering business in the 1960s and I was fortunate to visit his projects on my summer vacations, where I experienced how something simple like a new road would make a huge impact on connecting villages, communities and… Continue reading Dav Bansal

Catherine Finkernagel

DirectorFinkernagel Ross My grandfather was a carpenter, my uncle and cousin are architects, my parents serial are movers and renovators, and my aunt an interior designer. So, ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in making things, in craft, and in sculpture. You could literally say it’s in my blood.  I have always been… Continue reading Catherine Finkernagel

Alex Mowat

​DirectorMowat & Company When I went for my first day of school, at 4 years old, it was nothing like I had experienced before: huge windows, slim modernist columns and circular skylights. The outward looking building was a prototype designed by Leslie Martin and Sadie Speight and this was the only bit of school life… Continue reading Alex Mowat

David ogunmuyiwa

Partner, ArchitectureDoingPlace​Mayor’s Design Advocate I  have consciously wanted to be an architect from the age of about 10. I attended a Bermondsey comprehensive, one street back from the river, from where I could see Richard Roger’s gleaming Lloyds building across the river, framed by historic bonded warehouses. It felt like both an inspiration and an… Continue reading David ogunmuyiwa